Date of Birth: 13-09-2004
Name: FIN* Fayola Cloudberry
Father: CH. Kalimero vom Rellahill
Mother: FIN* Fayola Angel of Heart

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Gioia is from Finland. The name Gioia is pronounced as ´JOY-A´. It is an Italian name and the meaning of this name is joy or gladness.

Gioia is an enormous playful and sweet pussycat and also loves to cuddle. Furthermore Gioia loves to chit-chat with me and play ´touch´ Therefore I frequently run along behind her, what makes her want to play even more. You then hear her constantly go ´purrr purrr´. At these moments Gioia behaves exactly like a ping-pong ball, she jumps, runs and she makes the most crazy movements. In short: I have enormously much fun with Gioia.

It was the intention to go to breed with Gioia.  But because she had a lot of health troubles I decided to let Gioia neutered. Her health was much more important! She had terrible tooth-ache. In meanwhile all her teeth are pulled out!

Our connection is very, very strong and I often say..."we are soulmates"!

Mirva, thank you very much for my beautiful Gioia! We had a great time in Finland with you, Timo, Mira and all your cats! Minä rakastan sinua Gioia! Olen hyvin ylpeä Gioiasta yes hän on minun ihmeeni Suomesta!( I love Gioia and I'm very proud of Gioia, she is my miracle from Finland!)



Gioia, 7 years..:-))))


Gioia 5 years and a little bit and pfew I LOVE HER SOOOO VERY MUCH!!! 


Gioia 4,5 year!


Gioia almost 4 year! 

My greatest love, my soulmate Gioia..!!

When I need love, I hold out my hands and I touch love I never knew there was so much love. Keeping me warm night and day:-)


Gioia 3 year and 9 month young. She is and stay my SOULMATE for now and forever.


Gioia 2 years and 8 month young!!


Gioia 1 year and 8 month.


Gioia 1 year


Gioia 10 month young.


Gioia 13 weeks, on this picture she was here 1 day;-)


Gioia still in Finland!