14-04-2012: Today we picked our new male, Coonity Ecstasy's Emperor of Schiphol! We have him in co-ownership with Vanessa of cattery Gigas Mitis, he lives with Vanessa and her coon's.

 4-03-2012: The kittens of Sapphire and Naļa are geboren!!!

 27-12-2010: The kittens of Bibi and Levi are geboren!!!

25-11-2010: The kittens of Indy and Levi are geboren!!!

25-11-2010: The kittens of Indy and Levi are born!!!

25-11-2010: Today we got the HD results of Levi and ..... yeah both hips normal!!!

22-08-2010: The kittens of Naļa ( Triple ) and Gamesh are born!!

31-05-2010: Finally the website I made for my friend Henny of maine coon cattery R&S is online:-)

13-04-2010: Sunday we came at home from Sweden and...YEAH!! My new boy Levi is now finally together with me!:-)))))

10-04-2010: What a coinsedence;-) We were in Sweden so Malin gives me the HD results of Naļa. She has right normal and left degree 1

3-2010: Today we got the HD results of the HD X-rays of Bibi and her sister Kinky and both has normal hips:-))) 

25-02-2010: Bibi and her sister Kinky are today both tested negative on HCM and PKD  Earlier this month also negative on PL, FIV and FeLV! We are waiting for the official HD results of Lars Audell but their hips looks ok...but we will see...

22-02-2010: YEAH Indy has today her birthday:-) Our Pipo is 4 years young now!:-))

2010: YEAH! Partyyyy...the kittens of Twinkle has their 1-th birthday today:-) Congratulations sweeties!!!!

28-01-2010: Aļsha has today her 10-th birthday:-) Congratulations sweet girly!!

23-01-2010 Finally after a lot of work , my website is ready. This website is made by myself ;-) So.... IVY'S WEBDESIGN!

Ofcourse it is possible there are faults but I try to make it soon al perfect!